Naked Eastern Fox Squirrel

This little boy came to us as a perfectly naked baby squirrel as all other baby squirrels do. He, however, failed to ever grow any hair which could be due to a genetic defect or alopecia (baldness). Unable to be released, he is living with a foster mom.

3 Baby Orphaned Skunks

These 3 baby orphaned skunks are the first of 15 we have received this year. Fortunately these 3 are the only ones that required bottle feeding which made life a little bit easier. I do love these little “stinkers”, and later this summer they will all be released in save suitable locations.


Our Solo Baby Fox

Our solo baby fox who headlined in the quart container for our May 4, 2017 “Idaho Gives” pleas. In this picture he’s 8 weeks old, and no longer “solo”.
AIDA has since received 7 more foxes and all will be kept until they are old enough to be released.