Western Screech Owl

This Western Screech Owl was found in the middle of 8th St. near Foothills Learning Center. Other than appearing a bit stunned, this lucky owl had no injuries and after 24 hours and a flight test; it was released back in the area it was found. It immediately flew and landed on this large tree so it could give it’s rescuer/releaser, ‘the ol’ stink eye’. We are so happy this story had a happy ending!

‘FIRST STUDENT HELPING HANDS’ helps us help wildlife!

‘FIRST STUDENT HELPING HANDS’ helps us help wildlife!

Jennifer Rockwell [right], director of the Ruth Melichar Bird Center, accepts a donation of $430 from Penny Dickson on behalf of herself and all the drivers for First Student Helping Hands. Penny and her co-workers are the people ‘keeping our kids safe to and from school’.

AIDA is so grateful to have been the chosen beneficiary of their kindness and obvious concern for Idaho’s injured and orphaned wildlife.

Thank you First Student Helping Hands, your generosity is deeply appreciated for our soon to be, busy baby season.