Hello to our 2020 Season Volunteers.

Well I have to say it was one crazy busy season. COVID played a big 

role in the numbers we were intaking this season.

In the beginning to middle of the season we were receiving an average of 250 birds each week.

We really appreciate all of you jumping into the fire with us…..figuring things out and just plain helping wherever we needed it.

We very much appreciate the dedication and devotion you give to this center….

Thank you so much for all the frozen berry and veggie donations!!! We are always in great need for frozen berries April through August each year!!!

Once again we wouldn’t survive without the help from our volunteers.

We appreciate your commitment in helping us and the birds through the entire season!!!

I hope to see you next season.

Thank you so much for caring about the birds! 

Stay safe, be well and have a wonderful rest of your summer!!

Jennifer Rockwell Director

Susan Dumeyer Assistant Director

Spring Baby Shower

HELP RUTH MELICHAR BIRD CENTER GET READY FOR SPRING BABIES! You can support our mission for Idaho’s injured/orphaned wild birds by Dropping into ‘Wild Birds Unlimited’ all day Saturday, March 14th,
A big thank you to Julie, owner/operator of Wild Birds Unlimited, 10480 Overland Rd.
Her absolutely adorable graphic and clever idea of having a ‘Baby Shower’ to help our avian facility, the Ruth Melichar Bird Center get a head start on its upcoming baby season is deeply appreciated.