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Huge Thank You – Successful IDAHO GIVES day!

A Huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated in IDAHO GIVES yesterday.  We are thrilled to say that you donated $7910 to the animals!  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

Here are some thoughtful comments from our generous donors:

I know how hard they work. I’ve seen them in action.
Do it for the birds!
Thank you for all you do in our community with animal rescue.
I appreciate all that Animals In Distress does to help injured, sick, and lost animals.
I’m proud of the tremendous work AIDA does with such a small budget. The animals and people who love them thank you!
Appreciate your helping our local wildlife that make Boise a special place to live.
An amazing organization with such kind people taking care of the most vulnerable animals. Thanks for all you do!
I had to take 10 abandoned ducklings to you yesterday 5/3/17. I cried on my way there as I’ve never had to surrender an animal, but you all made me know I did the right thing. Thank you so much for all you do! I will continue to donate as often as I can.
Thank you for all your hard work.
With gratitude.
Thanks for all your hard work.
RedBuilt is happy to match our employee contributions.
Thanks for your dedication!
I think that it’s great there are people who help our wildlife, always makes me feel good when you do!
Thank you for everything you do!!
What a great service you provide! I’ve used your services a couple of times over the past few years and you were great to work with. Thank you for being there!
Thank-you for your dedication to injured birds.
In appreciation of all the work the volunteers do. You GO MADY!
I love this program!
The individuals caring for injured, mistreated and abandoned animals willingly and generously give of their time each day with care and humility. I am proud to know some of these individuals who understand the needs of the wild animals they support.
Ruth Melichar was my aunt, a very special lady. This gift is in remembrance of her.
I love animals!
Thank you for your selfless work on behalf of Idaho’s wild animals.

Merry, Merriest of Christmases




Deaf silver phase of red fox hit by car near Hailey. We will be finding a permanent home for him in a wildlife sanctuary.
2016 was a very busy year for AIDA.  Due to late season arrivals, several species are being held over the winter for a spring release: bats, cottontails, foxes, raccoons, skunks and squirrels. 
Thank you for your continued support of Idaho’s injured and orphaned wildlife.  Your donations are monumental to our mission.

Great news

100ADA, a new non-profit in Ada County is a ‘giving circle’ created by community-minded professionals.

They have chosen us, Animals In Distress Association (AIDA) to be one of five nominated local non-profits to compete for a cash donation.  This September will be their ‘Autumn Giving Event’ in which we will participate.

It will be Thursday, September 22, 2016 from 6-8 pm at Crane Creek Country Club, 500 W. Curling Drive, Boise

Please visit their website to learn about this new non-profit that have banded like minded community members together to help other Ada County non-profits.

Please keep your fingers crossed for Animals In Distress Association. 

Great Horned Owl Babies

After a couple days of feeding, this healthy guy was re-nested with another family group.
A not so good Mother’s Day for two pre-fledgling Great Horned Owlets!

Two Great Horned Owlets came into us on May 8th.   One of them was very thin and had a deep puncture wound in the side of his head and ear area which was infested with maggots.  They had already started feeding on the live tissue.  Unfortunately, this little guy had to be euthanized, but its sibling was re-nested with another family group.

Sadly, this little guy was too far gone to save.

Little Brown Bat‏

This female came to us in mid- April and the weather was still iffy.  I kept her about a week and a half until the weather warmed up and there were plenty of insects.   She was released back at the site in which she was found.

Little Brown Bat – Size Comparison to a Q-tip

Worldwide there are close to 100 species of mouse-eared bats, all belonging to the genus Myotis.  Only 15 of these occur in North America, north of Mexico.

The Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus), is the most common mouse-eared bat in Canada and the northern two-thirds of the U.S.  They can catch as many as 600 mosquitoes an hour.
myotic eating bogart
Enjoying a Mealworm

Coyote Pups Tragic Beginning…‏


Tragic beginning and partially happy ending for these three orphans.

These three 6 week old Coyote pups (2 males, 1 female) had a rough start.  On Apr 27th, a homeowner turned on his irrigation and these three pups were washed out along with their mother.  The kindhearted man caught the almost drowned babies and saw the mother run back into the culvert.  They took the entire culvert apart and found the mom inside, who had unfortunately drown.  No other babies were seen, so it may seem odd mom would go back in and not come out.  They are one of the most wary,  timid,  skittish and fearful animals we rehab.  Due to their hundreds of years of being maliciously trapped, they are very suspicious and it is next to impossible to live trap them.  A sad ending for their mom, but these three will get their second chance at life.  Coyote pups stay with their parents until late fall.



Pre-Juvenile Deer Mouse


April 21st, this pre-juvenile Deer mouse was found inside an elementary school the morning after they had the building sprayed for spiders.  She was a bit wobbly on her hind legs according to the teacher that contacted us and she was worried that the mouse had possibly been poisoned.  Mousey was a little shaky for the first 24 hours, but is doing fine and is ready for release the week of May 8th.

P1030505  P1030506


Baby Squirrel

Two week old baby squirrel.  Found on ground with superficial injuries and very parched skin, therefore the shiny ‘Vaseline’ coat.


I added a small baby jar lid for size comparison.