Barrow’s Goldeneye

This handsome boy was received mid-December
  • A medium-sized black-and-white diving duck, the Barrow’s Goldeneye was originally described from a population living in Iceland. It is, however, primarily a duck of the western mountains of North America.
  • The Barrow's Goldeneyeis rather long-lived for a duck, with one individual reaching 18 years of age. Most females do not breed until they are three years old.
  • Breeds along lakes in parkland, especially alkaline lakes. Winters along rocky coasts.
  • These ducks feed on aquatic invertebrates and fish eggs, occasionally small fish and vegetation
  • Goldeneyes’ nest in tree cavities or nest boxes, lined with downy feathers from chest of female.
  • Barrow’s Goldeneye dive underwater to capture prey on bottom. Flocks often dive together.

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