How Can I Help?

Thank you so much for your interest in  Animals In Distress Assn. 

There are a number of ways that “YOU CAN HELP”!

We are a wildlife rehabilitation organization operating in the Treasure Valley since 1987.  Our avian facility,RMBC 2 the Ruth Melichar Bird Center is open 7 days a week, but the hours fluctuate depending on the arrival of baby birds.  Annually we rehabilitate over 3,000 birds and waterfowl, 300 mammals and field over 5,000 calls a year regarding injured, orphaned and nuisance wildlife.

Help Locate RELEASE SITES If anyone knows of any wonderful release sites for our babies, please call Toni at 208/345-0559 or Mady at 208/344-0468.  We prefer a soft release, which is when we construct a pen on someone’s property; they feed the animals for up to two weeks, and then open the gate to freedom.   It is necessary to continue feeding them until they learn their hunting skills for approximately one month.  AIDA will provide the food.

 Here are three WAYS TO DONATE TO AIDA
  • Donate Items from the Wish List
  • Make a Tax-Deductible Donation
  • Donate Your Time & Energy to Care for the AnimalsP1040312RS

 VOLUNTEER – Check Out the Volunteer Opportunities Page 
We have several volunteer opportunities available:
  • Ruth Melichar Bird Center Volunteer
  • Transport Team for Ruth Melichar Bird Center
  • Baby Squirrel Home Care – Contact Toni at 208/345-0559
  • Transport Team for Mammals 
    • Squirrels: Contact Toni at 208/345-0559
    • Mammals other than squirrels:  Contact Mady at 208/344-0468
  • Mammal Rescue – training provided –  Contact Toni at 208/345-0559 or Mady at 208/344-0468
Thank you  for caring about the wildlife in our community.

Wildlife Rescue