Little Brown Bat‏

This female came to us in mid- April and the weather was still iffy.  I kept her about a week and a half until the weather warmed up and there were plenty of insects.   She was released back at the site in which she was found.

Little Brown Bat – Size Comparison to a Q-tip

Worldwide there are close to 100 species of mouse-eared bats, all belonging to the genus Myotis.  Only 15 of these occur in North America, north of Mexico.

The Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus), is the most common mouse-eared bat in Canada and the northern two-thirds of the U.S.  They can catch as many as 600 mosquitoes an hour.
myotic eating bogart
Enjoying a Mealworm

Coyote Pups Tragic Beginning…‏


Tragic beginning and partially happy ending for these three orphans.

These three 6 week old Coyote pups (2 males, 1 female) had a rough start.  On Apr 27th, a homeowner turned on his irrigation and these three pups were washed out along with their mother.  The kindhearted man caught the almost drowned babies and saw the mother run back into the culvert.  They took the entire culvert apart and found the mom inside, who had unfortunately drown.  No other babies were seen, so it may seem odd mom would go back in and not come out.  They are one of the most wary,  timid,  skittish and fearful animals we rehab.  Due to their hundreds of years of being maliciously trapped, they are very suspicious and it is next to impossible to live trap them.  A sad ending for their mom, but these three will get their second chance at life.  Coyote pups stay with their parents until late fall.



Pre-Juvenile Deer Mouse


April 21st, this pre-juvenile Deer mouse was found inside an elementary school the morning after they had the building sprayed for spiders.  She was a bit wobbly on her hind legs according to the teacher that contacted us and she was worried that the mouse had possibly been poisoned.  Mousey was a little shaky for the first 24 hours, but is doing fine and is ready for release the week of May 8th.

P1030505  P1030506


A Coyote Pup’s Amazing Story

This male Coyote pup was reluctantly given to us by a person who got it off of Craigslist.  Its litter mates were given out to various people and we were unable to track any of them down.  A very bad circumstance for the remaining pups.  Within a couple of weeks we did get an orphaned female pup from a  different situation and fortunately  we were able to put the two together.   If it can be helped, it is never good to raise an orphaned animal alone; conspecifics should always be kept together.  Coyotes are one of the most high-strung mammals we deal with.  Any human exposure near their enclosure puts them into immediate stress mode and their demeanor is similar to a feral cat loose in a room.  Coyotes require very private quarters during rehabilitation.
Due this high energy ‘craze’;  Jeff Rosenthal, DVM and Exec. Director of Idaho Humane Society was kind enough to  tranquilize them with a dart so we could get them to their soft release site.  They were held in another enclosure at the release site for two weeks until one evening we left the gates open so  they were free to leave (which they did sometime during that night) and start their new life.  (Coyote pups leave their parents October/November)  We had these pups late May through their release in November.
coyote pup 5/15
coyote pup 5/15

My Coyote 2

My Coyote 3

coyote pup may 15
coyote pup may 15


Beaver mauled by dog‏

This beaver had been mauled by a dog at least a week or more before it came to us.  This poor animal’s  hind end and the base of its tail were severely infected from old bite wounds.  The beaver was quite thin and dehydrated.  Septic shock had set in and he  wasn’t going to regain use of his ‘mighty’ tail if he could have beat the infection. A sad scenario, but he had to be euthanized.  Dogs running near the river or other wetlands need to be watched closely so as not to harass nor injure wildlife.

Beaver dog attack Apr '14
Beaver dog attack Apr ’14
Beaver dog attack Apr '14
Beaver dog attack Apr ’14

Injured Beaver 082

Beaver attacked by dogs Apr '14
Beaver attacked by dogs Apr ’14