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May 30, 2105 Homeowner worried about Fawns…

Two fawns hide among the rocks for hours. Concerned homeowner contacts AIDA
Two fawns hide among the rocks for hours. Concerned homeowner contacts AIDA

May 30, 2015 we received a call from homeowner Christine McMullen about these two fawns that had been in her yard several hours with no sign of the mother.  We instructed Christine to observe from afar and if mom didn’t come back by shortly after dark to please contact us again.  Christine was a nervous wreck over these babies, especially the one on the rocks that looked ‘splayed out’ and possibly injured.  Christine nervously bided her time and sure enough, Mama doe came back and retrieved her twins a bit after dusk.  Thank you Christine for your patience, caring and beautiful photography.


The 2015 Idaho Nonprofit Center’s Excellence Awards

2015 Nonprofit Excellence Awards

The Idaho Nonprofit Center’s Excellence Awards recognize the outstanding accomplishments of Idaho’s nonprofit sector. The awards spotlight the enormously important roles of thousands of nonprofit organizations across Idaho that make a difference every day.

The Idaho Nonprofit Center is now accepting applications to honor outstanding nonprofits from across the state. Awards will be given to small and large nonprofits in each of three geographic areas. Visit the FAQ page for further details. Any 501c3 organization based in Idaho may be nominated.

Click here to nominate a 501(c)(3). The nomination deadline is Wednesday, August 12.

The Nonprofit Excellence Awards will be presented at the 12th Annual Statewide Nonprofit Conference on September 15th at 6pm.

Award of Appreciation to AIDA’s Founders

Sisters Toni Hicks and Mady Rothchild, founders of “Animals In Distress Assn.” received an “Award of Appreciation” on Thursday evening, February 26, 2015 at the Idaho Fish and Game Dept.  Their dedication to the wildlife and their service to the community has spanned almost 3 decades.

2015-02-26 20.48.08  “I again thank you for your service to the Fish and Game Dept, the Wildlife and the public.”

Charlie Justus 

Regional Conservation Officer  Idaho Fish and Game