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Paul Martin’s Rattle Snake Rescue

The story below is told in first person by AIDA volunteer, Paul Martin on July 25, 2015:

“I don’t have the opportunity to catch rattlers very often but I did tonight.
This is about a 9 year old snake caught in netting for birds.”
NOTE: This bird netting was put down to protect strawberry plants from birds and rodents, but almost cost this rattlesnake its life.  Thank you to the caring homeowner who alerted us to this almost tragedy and was most helpful in the mission to free it. 
"This is when I first got there and controlled the head with my capture stick".
“This is when I first got there and controlled the head with my capture stick”.


rattle snake rescue by Paul ‏ 5
“I controlled the rattler while the guy cut off netting”


rattle snake rescue by Paul‏ photo 2 rattle snake rescue by Paul‏rattle snake rescue by Paul‏ photo 1



Volunteer Lauren Davis


Lauren Davis and her mother, Kelley have been volunteers at the Ruth Melichar Bird Center since 2011 and Lauren has been a big contributor to AIDA through her work at the center as well as monetary contributions.  She contributed her birthday money and proceeds from her and her friends’ bake sale,  totaling a whopping $378.00.  Lauren, you’re a real jewel and special friend to the birds.