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Remembering Paul Martin – Long time defender of both flora and fauna

On the last day of 2018, AIDA lost long-time volunteer and friend, Paul Martin, who died December 31st at the young age of 74.

Paul’s love and concern for Idaho’s wildlife was over and above the norm. He was always there for us in capturing raccoons, beavers, badgers, deer and snakes that were in need of our help. Those animals were his favorites and he never failed to take the time and effort to look for, capture and get help for them. In addition, he was kind enough to haul large ‘anything’ for us on one of his huge flatbeds. He provided that service numerable times and we don’t know what we would have done without his help and equipment. His grumpiness was merely a façade, the real Paul was a pussycat with a heart the size of Idaho. He was forever concerned about the local wildlife visiting his beautiful yard in SE Boise, wanting to be sure they had plenty of food when they arrived on a daily basis to forage depending upon the season. His plantings were all conducive to that end. Any flora that needed to be removed was always done carefully and he always found it a new home.

He is and will be sorely missed by AIDA and the wildlife he cared for so deeply. We know he is in even a better place and hopefully is surrounded by all the wildlife he so dearly loved. Rest in peace Paul!

A celebration of Paul’s life will be held at a later date, watch for notification on our website and/or Ruth Melichar Bird Center facebook page. His obituary may be viewed on the Cloverdale Cemetery website and questions regarding his Celebration of Life can be directed to:

2018 Christmas Message


Wishes you all the

Merriest of Christmases!

and a heartfelt thank you for your support

in our mission of getting wildlife back into the wild.

Badger release mid-Oct. 2018

Rescued downtown Boise early September with shoulder wound, worn out and thin.

We hope 2019 brings peace and health to all sentient beings!

The Treasure Valley’s tremendous growth continues to bring us more injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife annually.  We deeply appreciate your continued assistance in our quest to get wildlife back where they belong and safe from urban and rural sprawl.  Aside from rehab, AIDA spends thousands of hours each year educating the public in how to have a peaceful co-existence with those whom we share this beautiful planet.  We couldn’t possibly maintain our objective without the generosity of YOU, our supporters for the past 31 years.

The wildlife thanks you as do we…AIDA couldn’t exist without you.  We receive no city, county, state or federal funding.  We operate solely on a few grants and donations.  We hope to continue for another 31 years and beyond.  A million thank yous!

On behalf of Animals In Distress Association/Ruth Melichar Bird Center (AIDA), thank you for caring about Idaho’s wildlife.

Paul Martin’s Rattle Snake Rescue

The story below is told in first person by AIDA volunteer, Paul Martin on July 25, 2015:

“I don’t have the opportunity to catch rattlers very often but I did tonight.
This is about a 9 year old snake caught in netting for birds.”
NOTE: This bird netting was put down to protect strawberry plants from birds and rodents, but almost cost this rattlesnake its life.  Thank you to the caring homeowner who alerted us to this almost tragedy and was most helpful in the mission to free it. 

"This is when I first got there and controlled the head with my capture stick".
“This is when I first got there and controlled the head with my capture stick”.


rattle snake rescue by Paul ‏ 5
“I controlled the rattler while the guy cut off netting”


rattle snake rescue by Paul‏ photo 2 rattle snake rescue by Paul‏rattle snake rescue by Paul‏ photo 1



Volunteer Lauren Davis


Lauren Davis and her mother, Kelley have been volunteers at the Ruth Melichar Bird Center since 2011 and Lauren has been a big contributor to AIDA through her work at the center as well as monetary contributions.  She contributed her birthday money and proceeds from her and her friends’ bake sale,  totaling a whopping $378.00.  Lauren, you’re a real jewel and special friend to the birds.