Coyote Pups Tragic Beginning…‏


Tragic beginning and partially happy ending for these three orphans.

These three 6 week old Coyote pups (2 males, 1 female) had a rough start.  On Apr 27th, a homeowner turned on his irrigation and these three pups were washed out along with their mother.  The kindhearted man caught the almost drowned babies and saw the mother run back into the culvert.  They took the entire culvert apart and found the mom inside, who had unfortunately drown.  No other babies were seen, so it may seem odd mom would go back in and not come out.  They are one of the most wary,  timid,  skittish and fearful animals we rehab.  Due to their hundreds of years of being maliciously trapped, they are very suspicious and it is next to impossible to live trap them.  A sad ending for their mom, but these three will get their second chance at life.  Coyote pups stay with their parents until late fall.