AIDA has a deep commitment to educating the public in appreciation, respect and tolerance of all living things.

“Until we have the courage to recognize cruelty for what it is–whether its victim is human or animal–we cannot expect things to be much better in this world.”      Rachael Carson

Our educational program addresses a wonderful diversity of nature and a responsible concern for living beings and the welfare of the environment. AIDA provides quality educational programs to schools and the community and was a Partner in Education with one of the local primary schools for several years.

P1020156 edit croppedPerhaps many could find these beautiful creatures more appealing if they could think of them as ‘our North American monkeys’. They are nearly as clever, have the same manual dexterity, an excellent instinct for maternal parenting and are as much fun to watch as a barrel of monkeys.     Oh…did we forget to mention that face?

Jennifer Rockwell Director of the Ruth Melichar Bird Center & Mady Schmitt CoFounder of Animals in Distress Assn.
Jennifer Rockwell – Director of the Ruth Melichar Bird Center
These baby birds are being cared for at the Ruth Melichar Bird Center – Boise, Idaho
Mady holding a young Red Fox
Young Red Fox

Wildlife Rescue