May 2015 Black-crowned Night Heron

Every spring around this time we receive calls regarding Black-crowned Night Herons, as well as have babies arrive at the center.  There are several large pine trees with communal rookeries of Black-crowned Night Herons in Emmett, ID.  The Night Herons began to inhabit this area about 5 years ago. Our first nestling Heron of 2015 arrived from this area and within a few days two more.  Pete Henderson, certified arborist and friend to the Ruth Melichar Bird Center re-nested three nestling Night Herons 40 feet high up in their tree.  A very successful venture by Pete.  He counted 20 nests in the one tree that he climbed.  He noticed many chicken size blue eggs in some nests,  juvenile Herons branching themselves out and in addition, many more nestling Herons still being cared for totally by parents.  Adult birds were everywhere and a little flighty due the short-term disturbance to their rookery.
This is a very happy ending!May 2015 Black-crowned Night Heron photo 3May 2015 Black-crowned Night Heron photo 2May 2015 Black-crowned Night Heron photo 1