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Two week old baby Raccoons picked up by Toni Lynskey, raccoon foster parent and vet tech. These tiny masked bandits were unnecessarily orphaned due to the mother being trapped and drown. They were held over for the summer, fall and winter being released in May the following year. Raccoon babies are raised entirely by their mother and the male babies are sent off in late Sept/early Oct to find their own niche in life and are often injured by other raccoons protecting their territory. The female babies stay with mom throughout the winter and sometimes before or sometimes after she has another litter, does she send the females off to find their own ‘place’ in life. Therefore . . . .we hold ‘all’ Spring babies over the winter in order to release when the weather has definitely turned to spring again and they have water, berries, worms and a better availability of all food sources. This is in lieu of a fall release when winter is approaching. Den finding can become an issue, food sources are scarce and they haven’t had all that training from their mother, some of which we can’t provide no matter how hard we try. The first year for a juvenile raccoon is tough enough, much less having to immediately face several months of cold/nasty weather, a food scarcity and an acute awareness of danger and predators. Please call us before you trap and remove. We can help.
Domestic Turkey – Young Juvenile

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