Release Sites Needed

AIDA is always in need of Protected Release Sites.

Animals being rehabilitated through AIDA may spend several months to a year before being released , depending on their needs.  Where and how an animal is released back into their natural habitat is very critical to their survival.

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HUGE THANKS to Bob & Chris for their faithful commitment to the animals.








AIDA is always looking for Protected Release Sites with year-round water and food sources.  AIDA is very adamant about releasing 2011 Deer 1 lg webthese animals on privately owned acreage where there is no hunting or trapping allowed on the property.



If you enjoy viewing wildlife and own a large parcel of land that meets this criteria, please contact us.  A large majority of animalsP1020505 cropped needing release will be:  deer, squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, skunks, badgers, beaver, bobcat, porcupine, ground squirrels and fox.



Protected Release Site Requirements:

  • Privately Owned Land
  • No hunting or trapping permitted on the property
  • Year Round Water Source
  • Plenty of Vegetation
  • Availability to help with a soft release.

SOFT RELEASE:  With regard to mammals, a temporary pen is erected and the animals are fed and watered for approximately 2 weeks before the door is opened allowing their release. Food (provided by AIDA) is then left for them at the release site for a reasonable period of time until they learn to forage on their own.

AIDA rehabilitates native wildlife for the purpose of returning them to the wild to live the lives that nature intended. We hope you will consider being a part of this process by letting some of them live on your property.

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