Mady Rothchild of AIDA accepts Special Donation
Ruth Melichar Bird Center
Canada Goose hatches Mallard Ducklings

Mammal Rescue

Every year AIDA volunteers rescue more than 300 mammals and field over 5,000 calls regarding injured, orphaned and nuisance wildlife.

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Bird Center Rescue

The Ruth Melichar Bird Center rescues more than 3000 birds and waterfowl each year!

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How Can I Help?

Volunteer - Help the Animals Donate Items from Wish List Give Tax-Deductible Donation

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Mr Pelican

This wonderful American White Pelican came to us in January 2012.  Keeping him in fish and his release is another story in itself. Keep posted. Above: Cheryl Garrett, DVM, Idaho Humane Society getting ready to examine Mr. Pelican. A wonderful bird is the pelican His bill will hold more than his belican. He can take […]

Volunteer Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis and her mother, Kelley have been volunteers at the Ruth Melichar Bird Center since 2011 and Lauren has been a big contributor to AIDA through her work at the center as well as monetary contributions.  She contributed her birthday money and proceeds from her and her friends’ bake sale,  totaling a whopping $378.00.  […]

Feeding a Rescued Bird

If you find a baby bird who needs help PLEASE do not feed him anything until you have spoken to a rehabber. So many of the birds we get brought to us die because finders have fed them or put liquids in their mouth. Songbirds are very fragile and get aspiration pneumonia very easy from […]